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Genome/Dev. Organs and Stages · Organelles genome · Comparative Maps · Linkage Maps · Chromosome View · OryzaGenome Relaase · Genes. Rice has more than twice as much DNA as Arabidopsis, but is a genetic pigmy compared to other cereals. Wheat, for example, has six copies of. The MSU Rice Genome Annotation Project Database and Resource is a National Science Foundation project and provides sequence and annotation data for the rice. The Committee on Gene Symbolization, Nomenclature and Linkage (CGSNL) of the Rice Genetics Cooperative has revised the gene nomenclature. Sequence data from the rice genome was combined with previous mapping studies to locate a putative GA oxidase gene (Os20ox2) at the predicted. We used the CRISPR/Cas9 system to mutate the Gn1a (Os01g), DEP1 (Os09g), GS3 (Os03g), and IPA1 (Os08g) genes of rice. Mutation of group I genes (PYL1–PYL6 and PYL12) promoted rice growth and among them pyl1/4/6 exhibited the most robust growth and improved grain. How defense genes originated with the evolution of their specific pathogen-responsive traits remains an important problem. Genes). Genome-wide variation data among > rice accessions is available in TASUKE+ (Browser > TASUKE). Gene annotation data has been updated (see. Furthermore, genome-wide methylome analysis in maize and rice has suggested that the DNA methylation in the promoter region often represses gene expression.