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22.10.2021 3 By Tojalkis

In law, void means of no legal effect. An action, document, or transaction which is void is of no legal effect whatsoever: an absolute nullity—the law treats it as if it had never existed or happened. Null and void definition is - having no force, binding power, or validity. How to use null and void in a sentence. Meaning of null and void in English having no legal force: The change in the law makes the previous agreement null and void. The election was declared null. Save This Word! Canceled, invalid, as in The lease is now null and void. This phrase is actually redundant, since null means “void,” that is, “ineffective.”. Null and void definition: If an agreement, a declaration, or the result of an election is null and void, it is | Meaning, pronunciation, translations. From Longman Business Dictionarynull and voidˌnull and ˈvoid adjective [not before a noun]LAW a contract, agreement etc that is null and void has no effect. Definition of NULL AND VOID (phrase): with no legal effect. Define Null and Void. Null and Void synonyms, Null and Void pronunciation, Null and Void translation, English dictionary definition of Null and Void. adj. Of no legal validity, force, or effect; nothing. As used in the phrase null and void, refers to something that binds no one or is incapable of giving rise to. The difference between null and void as term for nothing stems from their place in physical space. A void is nothing but takes up space; null is nothing at all.