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In fact, it is the world's largest single living organism. both the blue whale and Armillaria ostoyae are considered single organisms. More about General Sherman · The history of the tree · 1) Sequoia National Park, California · 2) Look at the grandness of the tree · 3) Simply. Two ecologists pay tribute to one of the largest living organisms on Earth—an imperiled aspen tree that is also a mighty Western forest. the largest trees reaches roughly meters. The honey fungus that lives under the Blue Mountains in Oregon, and is arguably a single living organism. But really, it isn't the animals that are to blame. Under a U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment, ranchers are allowed to let their cattle. When you think of the biggest organisms on Earth, the blue whale probably springs to mind first. After all, these gargantuan beasts are up to 30 meters lon. "A lot of animals depend on it." Aspen forests such as the Pando grove and many others reproduce in two ways. The first is the familiar. The largest terrestrial organism on the planet is a fungus called Armillaria solidipes – or honey fungus. The largest honey fungus. Fungus Sets Record As Largest Single Living Organism On Earth Even two feet above the roots, he finds a layer of the white fungus. The Armillaria ostoyae fungus is the largest organism on earth. The largest living thing on Earth.